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Truly Free-Roaming Chickens taste great—and produce healthy, great-tasting eggs!

At Cascade Creek Farm, our farming practices go well beyond the USDA Organic standards. Our chickens are truly free-roaming, with access to more than 50 acres of fresh air and sunshine to chase bugs, eat greens, and enjoy their Certified Organic feed.


(USDA standards only require that “free-roaming chickens” have access to a small door in their building for one hour a day. Not exactly “free” or “roaming” in our book!)

We move the coop frequently, offering the chickens fresh pasture to dine on. The hens follow the cattle and hogs in the pasture rotation, cleaning up and getting great nutrition in a natural symbiosis that follows Nature’s plan.


With all that sunshine and fresh air, the stewing hens and young cockerels (available seasonally) make for exceptionally tasty poultry. You absolutely can't beat a soup made from our stewing hens - the flavor is beyond delicious!

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